Thursday, June 13, 2013

SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio Driver For Windows 7


When windows 7 released few years ago, I've been struggling to get windows 7 drivers for many laptop which build for vista. At that time, there are only few updates available to support older hardware. The best trick which mostly works for me  is by using windows vista drivers and install it either manually or by using compatibility mode. Direct install normally resulting in error. This particular audio drivers mostly used by DELL notebooks but the installation method can be applied on all model. But today while  I'm looking windows 7 drivers for dell notebook, i found an interesting way to install the audio in windows 7 using vista drivers.

1. First we need to get the original vista drivers, you can get the original vista drivers from the manufacture site. Here I provide the version which works on many dell model.

SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio Drivers: R17186
Download (32 and 64-bit). Version,A03  8mb

for 64-bit, i recommend to use this driver:
SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio Drivers: R186858
Download (64-bit).,A04  8.6mb

2. Open device manager by click start and type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter.

3. Under "Sound, Video and Game controller", look for "High Definition audio Device" or similar.

4. Right click and select uninstall. Click OK if prompted.

click OK if prompted

    IMPORTANT : Do not reboot/restart your laptop after uninstall..

5. Now install the drivers we download earlier. I recommend to right click and select run as admin.
6. Reboot after installation finish.

If installation failed,:
1. maybe you are using wrong drivers. Make sure you get your original vista drivers. If you can,t find it leave your model in the comment section below.
2. You can try install using manual installation (read below).

Manual Installation:

Before proceed, I assume you already try the earlier installation method. If not please do so, or install the driver directly (ignore if error) because we will need it later.

1. If the installation above failed. This is another alternative to install the driver.
2. Open device manager and right click on High Definition Audio Bus. This time select update driver.
3. Select " Browse my computer for driver software".
4. click browse button and point to c:\dell\drivers\R17186 or  c:\dell\drivers\R17186 \WDM  (R17186 if you are using the drivers i provided, the name depends on the drivers you installed earlier.)
5. Continue with on-screen instruction until installation finish. reboot.


1. Other version of sigmatel audio:
R218148.exe  version, A03
R170217.exe  version, A02
R167855.exe  version, A00
R167846.exe  version, A02

2. Installing using compatibility mode sometimes work by right click on the drivers - properties - compatibility - select run this program in compatibility mode for 'win vista". Right click again and select run as admin to install.

3. The drivers download link is directly from dell server, neither mine nor any alternate server.

4. This post is for tutorial purpose and i hope you guys can leave your feedback including your model in the comment section below. Thanks

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