Saturday, August 9, 2014

Intel 82830M Graphics Drivers Installation For Windows 7

There is no driver for Windows 7 released by Intel or any other 3rd party website. So, in this post I will show how to install Intel(R) 82830M driver in Windows 7.

Before start:
- If you already have any Intel Graphic extreme system tray installed,  uninstall it first.
- If you success install the driver using the method I describe below, but the driver uninstall itself after restart, disable your internet connection during the whole installation process. 
- the driver in this tutorial is from Fujitsu, you are responsible to comply with the T&C if you are using this driver for other model. The best way is to download the driver released by Intel on any website that distribute the driver. Since the download link changes, I'm unable to provide one from Intel, I only have the link from Fujitsu and Nec Versa website.

1. Download Intel driver version, you can Google it or use the driver below:

Intel 830M/845 Graphic Drivers
File Name :ST4110,ST4120,ST4121_VIDEO_INTEL_V6.14.10.3741_XP.exe
File Size : 5MB
Description: This driver design for Intel 82830M and 82845.
Download Link From Fujitsu:Download (exe)
Download Link From Nec Versa : Download (zip)

The driver already tested on one of the Dell Machine and worked

2. Extract the driver we downloaded earlier. For this tutorial I make folder in desktop and name it as Intel and extract the driver in that folder. If you use the driver from Fujitsu, you need Winrar software to extract the driver file. Remember the path of the extracted driver folder, we will need it later.

3. Open device manager by click start and type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter.

2. Look for Video Controller Marked with yellow, right click on it and select update driver:

3. Select Browse my computer for Driver software.

4. Click Browse and Point to the driver folder we extracted earlier.

 It is important to select the right folder so it will found the driver inf file.
Note that the driver inf  file (file that required for driver installation) is in Win2000 folder, so it is better to browse to that folder. In this example I extracted the driver file on a folder on desktop so the location will be: c:\User\YouComputerName\Desktop\Inte\ST4110,St4120.ST4121_VIDEO_INTEL_V6.14.10.3741-XP
(look at the picture below).

5. After clicking next, the installation will begin and will take few minutes to finish. Don't worry if it take too long, it is normal. After installation finish reboot your system. If it prompt to reboot, please do so.

6. After reboot, you wait until you see a pop up message "new hardware found" or "Installing device software" or similar, just click on it.

7. Wait until the round circle gone (installation finish). reboot once again. (Force reboot if windows prompt something)

8. Wait until  you see a pop-up like in step 6 and click on it.

9. Another installation will take place. Reboot once again util installation finish and reboot once again. (at first it will only show "Intel(R) 82830M Graphic Controller, but latr you will see it will install all driver component needed as you see in the picture below). One driver will not installed (see picture) but ignore it.

Now your graphic should be listed on device manager as Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller and this means you are successfully installed the graphic drivers.

Additional Notes:
1. What to do if the driver uninstall itself after reboot?
-Turn off Internet, try different driver version or try with your original windows XP Driver.

2. Is there any other method to install this driver, yes, there are different method availble for example you cn read it here:

Do let me know the results along with your notebook model, your feedback could help others.

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