Saturday, September 27, 2014

ATI Mobility Radeon Premium Graphics Directx 11 Download

ATI Mobility Radeon Premium Graphics processor you experience the best out of Windows 7. This include Graphics for laptop, Desktop, Processor + APUs and More. You can download the latest catalyst and drivers by using AMD auto-detect tools. It will scan and provides the latest drivers you need.

Just press download to download the latest Radeon Premium Graphics Driver

Download Link :

Run the program and it will show the latest drivers. It will show you your graphics model, your Operating system and allow you to directly download by pressing the download button. You also can set the download speed by using the speed limit option.

How to Download and Install DirectX 11
First You need to check your current DirectX Version, you can do this by click start and type DXDIAG and press Enter to open DirectX Diagnostic Tools.

Here you can check your current DirectX version and normally DirectX 11 is pre-install with Windows 7 so you do not have to re-download and re-install it again. If your computer does not have DirectX 11, you can turn on Windows Update and it will automatically install the latest DirectX 11 on your system.

DirectX Standalone Installer

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