Thursday, November 13, 2014

Easily Install Realtek Card Reader Drivers

Realtek Card Reader Driver or also known as Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader Driver (PCIE) is widely used on most current Notebook (other Card Reader vendor includes Jmicron, Texas Instrument and Broadcom). Realtek provide universal Installer which is compatible with Windows XP, Vista,7,8 and 8.1.

Download (Universal Installer and Latest Version)
Realtek Download Link : Download Link

Download (From Computers Manufacturer)
Hewlett Packard (Hp and Compaq) : Windows XP | Windows Vista/7  | Windows 8.1
Lenovo : Windows XP/7 | Windows 8/8.1

Supported Card Reader:
Realtek shows on their website that this driver support the following card reader chipset:

But if you look at the driver inf file (installer information that shows compatible devices), it also support the following Card Reader Chipset:
RTS5209 (RTS5208 Variant)
Realtek 5139

During the installation process, it will take a while because it will install several card reader components.  Note that older driver version do have limited capabilities on how much storage they can read. If you have Notebook which released during Windows XP you might notice that it would not recognize storage larger than 2Gb, so it is important to get the latest driver available.
If you have problems with your card reader driver installation do let me know in the comment section below.

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