Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fujitsu/IBM fmv-c8200 Windows XP Drivers

This drivers are compatible with all model released during April - September 2005:
FMV-X8200, FMV-E8300, FMV-E8200, FMV-C8200 FMV-S8305, FMV-S8205, FMV-S8300, FMV-S8200 FMV-B8200, FMV-C6200, FMV-J6200

This product originally from Japan, the problem with the original driver file is it use Japanese language for the installation instruction and you will have problem to extract and install the driver. So here is the latest drivers, with the latest version available: (Language : English)

Intel (R) 852 / 855GM Windows (R) XP
Download (Original From Fujitsu)
Download (Latest from Intel)

Agere system AC' 97 Modem
Your modem should install automatically, if not :
Download (From Fujitsu)

Sigmatel Stac AC97 Audio Driver


Audio Installation

1. Make a new folder and move the audio driver into that folder. (optional)

2. Run the audio driver you've download. (File name : E1001842)

3. You will get the stac4469_v7 folder, now open it and run setup to install.

ALPS Pointing Device Driver
(Install using the same method to install audio)

Infeneon Trusted Platform Module Professional Package Patch Program
-Automatically Installed

Intel 852/855 Chipset family
Basically for model released on 2005 or 2006, Windows xp automatically install the chipset driver. This apply to both notebook and desktop. In case you want to get the latest driver for chipset, Intel does have a newer version :

Do let me know if you have problems with the installation.

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