Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Latest Windows 10 TP Drivers Updates

Recently Windows 10 Technical Review is released and after installing the OS you will notice the basic drivers such as mouse, keyboard, Monitor and other basic input devices is automatically installed (In-Box Drivers). Basically if you are missing certain drivers such as Graphic, Wireless and Audio, try to install your Windows 8.1 drivers (Already tested on several notebooks and it works). For Windows 8/8.1 Base PC (notebook created for Windows 8 and 8.1), of course you will not have a problem to obtain the drivers from your manufacture site. But for older notebook which released for Windows 7 and below, you can get the Windows 8.1drivers from the devices manufacturer website such as if you have Nvidia graphic, you can get the Windows 8.1 graphic from Nvidia website since most of the time your computer manufacturer won't update or provide the driver for it. Next If Windows 8.1 drivers failed to install, try to install it in compatibility mode or run compatibility troubleshoot.

Another thing you can do is after the installation make sure you are connected to the internet so that Windows 10 will be able to search, download and install the latest compatible drivers available on Microsoft Updates.

Nvidia Control Panel Issue (NVCP)
If the NVCP is not working, you need to open device manager and look for nvxdsync.exe (or Nvidia control Panel Application) and kill the process. You can also restart the application instead of killing the process.

OpenGL Error
If you have switchable graphic and get the openGL error, try to switch the graphic (exe: switch Nvidia to Intel).

"You need to close PC setting or Store"
If you have this error you need to kill "Application Frame Host" process on task manager.

Downgrade Intel HD Graphic Drivers could help Stabilize your Nvidia Graphic
The latest not necessarily the best and compatible, such as for Intel HD graphic (tested on HD4600)  you need to downgrade the version by installing the older version (version This will solve your Switchable graphic issue such as unable to play games that you normally run without problems.

Display Link
Display Link takes one steps further by releasing Alpha drivers fro Windows 10 which you can obtain it here.

You can share your experience with Windows 10 TP or if you have question to ask feel free to drop your comment on the comment section below.

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